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Almodovar's new film I'm So Excited! Is a brightly colored 60's style pop art farce set on an airplane that's full of troubled characters and has no. Paz Vega, Carlos Areces, Pedro Almodovar, I'm So Excited! () (Los amantes pasajeros) (I am So Excited! (The Lover Passengers)), I'm So Excited!. LONDON -- Giving a whole new meaning to the word "cockpit," Pedro Almodovar's I'm So Excited! (Los amantes pasajeros) is a raunchy and.

Directed by the internationally acclaimed Spanish film-maker Pedro Almodovar, with cameo appearances from Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas.

Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar's latest film "I'm So Excited!" is a raunchy screwball comedy that the Oscar-winning director said marks a. A very mixed group of travellers are in a life-threatening situation on board a plane flying to Mexico City. Their defencelessness in the face of danger provokes a. “I'm So Excited,” Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar's strange and confounding new sex farce, plays like a recruitment video for the Mile High.

I'm So Excited! a less-than-exciting new romp from the great Pedro Almodovar, dusts off one of the hoariest plot tricks in the farceur's playbook. Spanish director Pedro Almodovar's new film, which opens next weekend, is about a group of passengers stuck on an airplane. It's a comedy. The title of his new film, I'm So Excited, has a “double meaning,” Pedro Almodovar explained to the preview crowd at Lincoln Center's Walter.

7 Jun - 6 min Part 6: The actors Carlos Areces and Miguel Angel Silvestre talk about the atmosphere on the set.

The newest Spanish-language trailer for Pedro Almodovar's I'm So Excited looks like one hilarious airplane disaster movie.

Pedro Almodovar kept it light and bright June 13 as his frothy comedy “I'm So Excited” launched the 19th edition of the Los Angeles Film. Pedro Almodovar Butch Queens GIF by Alex Bedder This GIF by Alex Bedder has everything: almodovar, abedder, PEDRO ALMODOVAR! i'm so excited. In recent years, Pedro Almodovar looked at more serious and darker themes in his movies but, with the release of his new movie 'I'm So Excited', Almodovar has .

But for the airborne disaster spoof “I'm So Excited,” those hands are steering his lighter-than-air craft in circles. It's amusing fluff, but from an.

Aviation video - With "I'm so excited," the latest comedy from Pedro Almodovar, you will no longer perceive travel in the same way Spanish.

HAVING watched Pedro Almodovars screwball plane-set comedy Im So Excited the day before I fly from London to Madrid to meet him, Im. I'm so excited The friendly skies have never been friendlier, in director Pedro Almodovar's comedy 'I'm So Excited.' (Sony Pictures. Almodovar's last film is arguably his weakest ever! However, for a variety of reasons, “I'm So Excited” did not make it as an official selection.

A review of Pedro Almodovar's I'm So Excited, a gaudy, satirical comedy that sounds cleverer than it is. By Steve Persall. Times Movie Critic. Over the past 15 years or so, Pedro Almodovar achieved what the first half of his career didn't exactly. The trailer for Pedro Almodovar's I'm So Excited!, featuring three male flight attendants lip-synching to the Pointer Sisters' I'm So Excited!.

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