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There could be various reasons why you cannot make or receive calls on your device. Wait for 5 minutes and try making the call again or try making the call from another location. If your device has a Sim Card ensure that it is properly inserted into your device. A black screen with no sign of life spells disaster. What are the reasons your Android phone or tablet might not turn on? Let's have a look at some causes and . Because of this, not only is the app great for seeing if your phone is charging at all, but also for seeing which charging method is the best.

If your Samsung phone or tablet is not able to find any Wi-Fi networks, we've got a couple of quick troubleshooting steps to try to resolve the.

Bluetooth Smart devices are not backward compatible and won't You should see the little Bluetooth symbol at the top of your phone's screen. I charged my LG phone overnight when I woke up it was fine but then y dad took it And I can't open up the back because it is a no sim phone. If you've ever asked yourself, ''why won't my phone turn on?'' you're not alone. Even when you're a professional Android tinkerer, things occasionally go beyond .

If they are not able to make calls at all, there may be a problem with their line, not yours. Restart your phone. Most of the time this is all that you need to do to get.

We explain how to speed up your phone in no time at all. If you've tried all the fixes below and still had no luck, you may want to consider an. If you're unable to stream Netflix on your Android phone or tablet, use this article to resolve the issue. In Wire in the conversation list: Tap your profile in the upper left. Tap Settings. Go to Phone Settings > Battery > Apps > Wire > Do not optimize. Restart your.

Typically when a phone is charging, the screen will display a charging icon, either in the status bar if the phone is powered on, or in the center of the screen if the.

This article explains the importance of system updates, and why you may not be receiving them for your Android mobile or tablet.

If your phone will not connect to the device, you can try these tips. If you are using an Apple® device, you should also remove your device from the Bluetooth .

Bring the device within range of your smartphone. If your devices are already paired, turn Bluetooth® off on both devices, and turn it back on. If your devices are. My phone will not connect to the device. Enable Bluetooth® wireless technology on your smartphone. Bring your phone within 10 m (33 ft.) of the device. On your . A warm welcome to the Community @Pambob. If you are having issues connecting your Versa with your phone, I recommend taking a look and follow the steps.

That means it's not fun at all if your phone won't keep the correct time. And having the time blip in and out of being correct can wreak havoc on.

"How can I tell if my Android phone is rooted or not?" This is a common question we hear from parents and employers who want added functionality with our. Is there no network on your mobile phone when you are abroad? Change your mobile phone's settings and check whether your device is adapted to the local. If you can't use the phone's internet connection, there may be several causes of the problem. Your phone has not been correctly set up for internet. Set up your .

Confirm that your phone is connected to the internet. Your phone is not in airplane mode. Android phone Settings > Network & Internet > toggle to turn Airplane.

There is no way to hide from this kind of tracking as long as your mobile phone is powered on and transmitting signals to an operator's network.

How to fix and improve GPS on your Android phones and tablets If not, you can easily download one for free on the Google Play Store.

Check that the cable is securely connected to the charger and to your phone. Check that no accessories, like cases or battery packs, cover your phone's.

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