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Find device My device My data Settings Support Logout · Buy online Support Language: United States - English, German - Deutsch, French - Français, Spanish -. Use this app to remotely lock and track your lost phone, as well as to back up, wipe, and restore some of your private data. WaveSecure latest version: Protect your phone if it gets lost or stolen. WaveSecure includes a Backup feature that stores all of your contacts and personal.

Install the app on your phone, back up your data and SMS/call logs, and set up an automatic backup routine, if you'd like. WaveSecure also. McAfee WaveSecure wouldn't disappoint you if you are looking for an app that will back up your data and provide you with some good security. WaveSecure is a mobile security application that allows you to backup and lock down your device, keeping your information and data secure.

McAfee Mobile Security is the complete mobile security service that protects your mobile device, privacy, and enhances the possibility of recovery in the event of.

With WaveSecure, users can back up contacts, photos, and videos as well as remotely track the location of their iPhones via the McAfee. WaveSecure Backup Java App, download to your mobile for free. WaveSecure Backup for devices running Java operating on regular phone and allows you to backup or restore data security. With WaveSecure.

McAfee, which calls its service WaveSecure, has sold anti-theft and online data backup for Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone smartphones for some time .

McAfee WaveSecure is an award-winning security service that protects your phone, data and Back up data straight from your phone or remotely on the web. Back up your contacts, photos and videos to the cloud And, by the way, if you use Android, WaveSecure is available for that platform for free. Next up are Wave Secure's backup and restore options. The backup option will upload a backup of your device's data. The user can choose.

See the details of McAfee WaveSecure app - It enables you to back up and restore your data from the device or via an easy-to-use web portal.

Popular Alternatives to McAfee WaveSecure for Android, Android Tablet, iPhone, It enables you to back up and restore your data from the device or via an.

McAfee WaveSecure will make backup data quickly and easily, securing and call logs. Allows users to access anything with a web browser, anytime, anywhere. McAfee WaveSecure software works seamlessly to secure, back up and wirelessly restore content on the device via the online portal. So even if. I can't find any info on WaveSecure here in the forums. of VERY useful capabilities and it is only half the cost as McAfee's backup program.

McAfee Mobile Security (Wave Secure). Source: Google Play Backup operations can be executed via this portal. There is a UPA version of.

Adding WaveSecure's locate, lock, back-up and wipe technology to Trust Digital's enterprise mobility management and McAfee's mobile.

cAfee is now offering WaveSecure for iOS devices, an app that will help McAfee WaveSecure software works seamlessly to secure, back up.

Best App for Mobile Security Overall Winners #3 WaveSecure Free Version: Beta With WaveSecure, you can back up all your data, videos, photos, and other. McAfee is demonstrating this commitment with WaveSecure software, iOS Edition . Users can wirelessly back up contacts, photos and videos as. McAfee announces Mobile Security, WaveSecure Tablet Edition if at all, and back-up and restore data if you need to wipe a device or wish to.

WaveSecure includes a Backup feature that stores all of your contacts and personal information from your phone onto a secure online server, so this can all be. Backup your contacts, SMS, media and call. tenCube, a security application company has released its WaveSecure app for Android recently. McAfee has released an iOS version of its WaveSecure mobile tool for backing up and restoring data on multiple devices. The WaveSecure.

Secure your Android devices, protect your personal information and help keep your private data away from prying eyes with the McAfee Mobile Security app – a . Like GadgetTrak Mobile Security for Android & Blackberry , McAfee WaveSecure maintains an online backup of contacts and photos. #WaveSecure Backup wins the Gettie Award for Best Java App! Get a free 1-year subscription during the beta so hurry before offer ends!.

Please! I just remembered that the only 'security' i have is device lock, which kinda sucks. I liked how wave secure let you do a remote back up. Best Java application: WaveSecure Backup – Helps keep your personal data safe by letting you back up or restore your data securely.?. Basically with it installed you can log onto the wavesecure web site. With Wave Secure for Android, you can back up and keep them safe, too.

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